• Антон Мордвинов

    Voted for RMS!

  • George Kouryachy

    Vote for Maisa. All the letters can
    be happy again. Starting from letters is a good life plan.

    • Paul Alberto Rufous

      Every nontrolling commit is the commit and work.

  • Peltola Virpi

    Vote for Maisa

  • Trushakov Zheny

    Vote for Maisa

  • Павел Добряков

    Vote for Maisa

  • вк4п0т

    Linus Torvalds

  • Vote for Maisa

  • Matvey Shestakov

    Vote for Maisa

  • elemc

    Lennart Poettering

  • Rohanion

    Vote for Maisa

  • N_Zh

    Vote for Maisa

  • Торгаш Иваныч

    Maisa 🙂

  • Stanislav Matveev

    Vote for Maisa

  • Vadim A. Misbakh-Soloviov

    what’s up with the voting?

  • Vadim A. Misbakh-Soloviov

    and, yes, vote for Maisa 😉

  • Nikolai Domaev

    vote for karanbir singh

  • Nickolay Semendyaev

    Vote for Maisa! 🙂

  • Торгаш Иваныч

    Vote closed?

  • Alex

    Vote for Maisa

  • Иван Жук

    Vote for Maisa

  • Денис Денисович

    Vote for Maisa

  • Marty MCfly


  • Vote for Maisa

  • Ignat Loskutov

    How to vote?

    • Paul Alberto Rufous

      Voting is stopped sometime ’cause bug. You can inform us here or in twitter. If you have unique ip and clear proxy – voting is open, else – use vpn, proxy, etc.

  • MozilaIP

    Maisa? Are you seriously? Its a stupid PR of meaningless act!

  • Vitaliy Petrov

    No trolling. Just curious, can someone explain me why Poettering?

    • Ivan Shapovalov

      Because he’s a developer of an influential project. Obviously.

  • Роман Жихаревич

    Of course, Maisa! Can’t wait for Maisix to be developed.

  • Adehlf Kolov

    Vote for Maisa!

  • Slayer

    No kids, this is not a camedy, Linus Torvalds The Best!

  • Царское ТВ

    Linus Torvalds the best!

  • ZloySergant .

    Errr, Maisa? Maybe (sound of a punch). OF COURSE MAISA!!! 🙂