Developers of Astra Linux violate GPL, Microsoft Fonts License and Debian Trademark

Continuation of my previous review of Astra Linux. I saw some similarities of Fly Desktop Environment with KDE and tried to explore it.

Some results of searching “kde” in Astra Linux (you can download it here) system:

/usr/share/doc/fly-admin-dm/AUTHORS:KDM - The KDE Display Manager - written by Steffen Hansen <>
/usr/share/doc/fly-admin-dm/AUTHORS:The KDE Display Manager Configuration module -
/usr/share/doc/fly-admin-dm/AUTHORS:Currently maintained by Oswald Buddenhagen <>
/usr/share/doc/fly-admin-grub2/README:Smoothly integrated in KDE System Settings, it is the central place for managing your GRUB2 configuration. Supports many GRUB2 configuration options, most notably:
/usr/share/doc/fly-admin-grub2/ Page:
/usr/share/doc/fly-policykit-1/copyright:   Dirk Mueller <>
/usr/share/doc/fly-policykit-1/copyright:   Fredrik Höglund <>
/usr/share/doc/fly-policykit-1/copyright:   Lubos Lunak <>
/usr/share/doc/fly-policykit-1/copyright:   Copyright (C) 2008 Dirk Mueller <>
/usr/share/doc/fly-policykit-1/copyright:   Copyright (C) 2008 Fredrik Höglund <>
/usr/share/doc/fly-policykit-1/copyright:   Copyright (C) 2008 Lubos Lunak <>
/usr/share/doc/libflyjobs2/copyright:Source: git://
/usr/share/fly-dm/sessions/9wm.desktop:Comment[eo]=KDE-fenestroadministrilo de plano 9
/usr/share/fly-dm/sessions/blackbox.desktop:Comment[ta]=விரைவான மற்றும் இலகுவான KDE சாளர மேலாளர்
/usr/share/fly-dm/sessions/kde-plasma-safe.desktop.cmake:Exec=${KDE4_BIN_INSTALL_DIR}/startkde --failsafe
/usr/share/fly-dm/sessions/kde-plasma-safe.desktop.cmake:Name=KDE Plasma Workspace (failsafe session)
/usr/share/fly-dm/sessions/kde-plasma-safe.desktop.cmake:Comment=The desktop made by KDE (failsafe session)

Full dump is here. As you can see – Fly DM is reworked version of KDE 3, with closed source code and without information in official website.

Astra Linux also use Verdana and Tahoma fonts licensed under Microsoft Fonts License:

License of Astra Linux is also very strange:

3.1. Настоящее СОГЛАШЕНИЕ НЕ дает ПОЛЬЗОВАТЕЛЮ права на:
3.1.1. Декомпиляцию и дизассемблирование, кроме случаев, предусмотренных законодательством Российской Федерации.
3.1.2. Передачу в аренду, в залог или лизинг ПРОГРАММНОГО ПРОДУКТА.

You can’t decompile, disassembly, and mortgage or lease the SOFTWARE PRODUCT. But you can do it with GPL’s four essential freedoms:

  • The freedom to run the program as you wish,
    for any purpose (freedom 0).
  • The freedom to study how the program works, and change it so it
    does your computing as you wish (freedom 1). Access to the source
    code is a precondition for this.
  • The freedom to redistribute copies so you can help your neighbor
    (freedom 2).
  • The freedom to distribute copies of your modified versions
    to others (freedom 3). By doing this you can give the whole
    community a chance to benefit from your changes.
    Access to the source code is a precondition for this.


And some interests in “info” file:

Debian GNU/Linux "Orel" - Official Snapshot amd64 LIVE Binary 20150306-18:03"

I have not idea what it mean, but it’s not funny for people from Debian Project.

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  • Ted

    Sad to see this. Btw Orel = орёл = eagle

    • actionless

      it can be a city name as well

      • Zidan Foxdale

        Yea it’s named after city also first letter got meaning , still means eagle. And they call “Orel” the “open ” version of AtsraLinux, there is also a “secure” one “Smolensk”, which is a hashed snapshot of “open” that is “approved” by some structure. and costs some ridiculous amount money per license, with GNU CC++ dev tools and set of dev, libraries for it _shipped for separate price_

        • actionless

          орeл == open 🙂

          • Тарассий Орлушин

            The more ancient joke is Орел == Opel )))))

          • Тарассий Орлушин

            Traditionally in Russia Орел == Opel )))

  • Elijah Barsukov

    I am ashamed of ignorance of Russian developers. I hope that they just don’t know what violate.

    • Zidan Foxdale

      that’s not devs, it’s idiotic officials from one side and idiotic form of _approving_ software for governmental use. That’s what that OS for – to expel money from security budget and to have some paper to cover their asses for false security (Astra Linux contained _every_ weakness that debian line had and quite backward in matter of fixing functionality or security bugs) A couple of devs may be doesn’t know English, but I think they know the problem. Issue is that local IP laws doesn’t recognize statements of GPL, and company’s argumentation is: Everyone – RedRiver, LinxOS – are doing that (which is wrong, those develop their own branches of code) why we can’t close code too? (which is also wrong, because except DRM parts those system are quite open- they meant to be re-linked for certain embedded application).

      • Тарассий Орлушин

        Please be sure that all Russian developers know English at least on the average EU level. )))

    • Тарассий Орлушин

      The cause is different, You see, no matter with developers. Russian copyrastic laws do not cover free licences, both internal and external, and the trend is to “move from licenses to regulations” (Igor I. Shuvalov); it means that only those licenses will be valid in Russia that are directly coded in regulations. It seems to me that free licenses will never be coded. If You dislike it — please apply to WTO; Russian developers will support Your application.

  • Zidan Foxdale

    Is KDE written on Qt? I’m asking because _that_ desktop seems dependant and use Qt – or at least control panels are. I’m not sure that even that desktop is made by them. icons and look of interface look like KDE-based desktop made by Koreans StarOS, or something like that. Style is same, though they changed logo slightly to more “USSR” style of five-point star and called it “Astra” (star)