The Best 35 GNOME Extensions Review

GNOME – nice desktop environment and very solid, elegant and easy to use. Every user has personal impressions and needs. Some monsters like a KDE is not a bad choice if you “need more”, but we just try to extend GNOME features with extensions. All extension tested on latest GNOME release – 3.18 (see review here). If I forgot some nice extension(s) – feel free to write about it in comments.

Pomodoro timer

Time management – very important things for everyone. Pomodoro timer can help you to work faster: run timer -> do something -> stop and go to begin. Very helpful and must have tool.

Open Weather

Open Weather extension can help you to see current weather in one click. You can use GNOME Weather application, but this widget is more comfortable in my opinion. A personal API-key from is also needed.

Alternate Tab

Get more with standard Alt+Tab hotkey – opened window preview can help with navigation. This extension is also part of GNOME Classic Mode.

Applications Menu

This extension add a category-based menu for all applications, also part of GNOME Classic Mode.

Auto Move Windows

Superb extension – Move applications to specific workspaces everytime when it opened.

Native Window Placement

More compact view of applications in overview.

Places Status Indicator

Add a new menu for fast navigation between mount points in the system. Extension you can find here.

Dash to Dock

Transfrom GNOME Dash (right on desktop) to dock(bottom). You can find it here.


This extension can help you to disable the screensaver and auto suspend in one click.

Top Icons

Show legacy tray on top panel.

Web Search Dialog

Search easy with GNOME Shell

System Monitor

Very nice widget to monitoring your CPU.

Drop down terminal toggled by a keystroke (the key above tab by default) for advanced users. Highly recommended.


Powerful tiling window extension.

Wikipedia Search Provider

Comfortable search in Wikipedia directly from GNOME Shell.


Show speed of your current internet connection.

Media Player Indicator

Easy access to the players control button

Project Hamster Extension

Easy access to control the multimedia players via top panel: Rhythmbox, Banshee, Clementine and others.

Lock Keys

Numlock and Capslock access in one click.

Touchpad Indicator

On/off touchpad in one click.

Todo list

A simple TODO list

Settings Center

Simple TODO list with task management.

Volume Mixer

Advanced Volume Mixer


Automatic wallpaper slideshow for GNOME Shell


Extended tool with many configuration options for screencasting.


Easy access to Trash files.

Axe Menu

Extended alternative to standard Application Overview in GNOME


Easy access to system sensors. Lm-sensors tool is needed.


Faster speed of GNOME Shell animation

Activities Configurator

Advanced configuration of the Activities Button and Panel


Advanced volume control tool.

Shutdown Timer

Tool for time setup before system shutdown.

Turn off Display

Turn off display with one click.

Text Translator

Text translation directly from GNOME Shell

Refresh Wifi Connections

Button to request for a network scan manually.

Note: some extensions don’t work in GNOME 3.18. Here is list of non-working, thanks to rand:

  • Axe menu
  • Sensors
  • Text Translator
  • Todo list
  • Web Search Dialog
  • Wikipedia Search Provider

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  • Thank you for the recommendations. I appreciate it.

    • Paul Alberto Rufous

      Always welcome.

  • Honestly, articles like this really help spreading the word about FLOSS. The DE wars are rather irrelevant and are better left to fanboys/fangirls. Someone who sees this collection definitely will think twice before assuming Linux means “command line”.

    • Paul Alberto Rufous

      Thx, imho the myths “Linux only for hackers and tech peoples” has killed by Ubuntu, Mint, Elementary, Fedora and others Linux Distribution.

  • rand

    Really nice list however some of them are not installing on Gnome Shell 3.18.1

    List of non-working:
    – Axe menu
    – Sensors
    – Text Translator
    – Todo list
    – Web Search Dialog
    – Wikipedia Search Provider

    • Paul Alberto Rufous

      Big thanks, added to the end of article.

  • Michael Rose

    Anyone else notice how many items are prior features of gnome and how an even larger set are kde features available by default you know as opposed to javascript extensions that will break when you update?

    • Paul Alberto Rufous

      Hummer is not universal choice, sometimes sport car is better.