GNOME 3.18 Advanced Review – New Applications, Features and Improvements


GNOME is one of the best Desktop Environment for Linux and *nix. It’s also good choice if you need to show the Linux power for your friends: nice elegant design, good and powerful default application; very easy to use. Let’s go to news in latest release – 3.18 “Gothenburg”.

  • Native Google Drive support via gfvs: file transfers, online editing and view photos
  • New Calendar in GNOME style: simple design, GNOME Accounts integration, many profiles support
  • New GNOME Characters Application – easy way to access to any character lists
  • Massive improvements in nautilus: reworked locations panel with bigger numbers of locations and hidden elements; bookmark suggestion if the elements is moving; copying/moving progress bar; autosearch if user typing; disabled recursion search in cloud storage.
  • Multi-touch Touchpad Gestures for Touchscreens: works more comfortable
  • New Application: GNOME ToDo – small application to manage personal tasks. Support highlights, groups, priority, notes and time management.
  • GNOME Maps now support for copying Geo URIs and various new features & bugfixes
  • GNOME Web Browser is faster than previous version, some new features in web inspector
  • Improvements in Polari – pastebin-like service is integrated, better first run experience, notifications and error handler
  • New features in GNOME Boxes – more detailed list of OS with IP address, search filters.
  • Refined scrolling – scrolls the view in one direction: press the scroll bar with the secondary mouse or touchpad button (this is the right button by default). This change has required that other scroll actions be reorganized: to scroll by one page at a time, hold Shift and click with the primary button.
  • GNOME Software now support firmware updates
  • A lot of new features in GNOME Builder: code auto-completion is better and now support Python, pop-up command bar, new shortcut help window, new plugin system supported (Python 3, C, Vala).
  • Wayland support is also better: High-resolution display support, copy/paste and drag/drop works correctly and support XWayland <-> Wayland application, more application works in native Wayland, GTK+’s OpenGL supported.
  • Many small improvements:
  • sandboxed applications is officially part of GNOME Project
  • Gedit has a minimap support and new plugins
  • minor changes in Human Interface Guidelines
  • Bluetooth settings is reworked
  • some small improvements in GNOME Logs
  • Evince now can display multimedia: audio and video in documents, highlight annotations have been introduced
  • New style of system modal dialogs
  • GNOME Web now support search in PDF viewer
  • new GTK+ features: typographic features, including colored underlines, letterspacing, font features and translucent font colors
  • reworked global menu

More information you can find on GNOME website.

Getting GNOME 3.18

Easy way to get new GNOME – download latest test version of Fedora or openSUSE.

Thanks for reading and many thanks to GNOME community for their hard work.


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