GNOME News — Unbelievable News Reader for GNOME

Now that development has moved to GNOME infrastructure

Article written by Igor Gnatenko (Developer of GNOME News) and Pavlo Rudyi (TLH Project Founder)

Some days ago Igor Gnatenko, Vadim Rutkovsky and Allan Day have presented new application – GNOME News, part of GNOME Project and Open Source Application. General concept – mosaic design: messages and RSS feeds have a preview and isn’t used in old sсhool style “tables of the feeds url”.

Application written in Python and use GTK+ 3, Tracker and and WebKitGtk+. Licence – GPLv3+.

Tracker is a search engine, search tool and metadata storage system. In case of gnome-news its rss-miner fetching news from channels, getting info about authors (fullname, email, website) and stores it in DB (author, HTML content, some attributes). This is why gnome-news is faster, it just gets all needed infro from DB and shows it in needed form to user. RSS miner uses libgrss for fetching and parsing feeds. Originally written by Roberto Guido and now maintained by Igor Gnatenko.

Future features:

  • RSS autodiscovery
  • Search in feeds title and text from GNOME Shell
  • OwnCloud News integration
  • Feedly integration
  • Google Activities integration
  • Pocket integration

Missed feature? Feel free to request one!

Current status — pre-aplha, but we can use it now ’cause Fedora Rawhide can help us.

Download, compile and run application:

$ git clone
# dnf install intltool autoconf-archive libappstream-glib-devel gobject-introspection-devel pygobject3 glib2-devel
$ cd gnome-news/
$ ./ && make -j4
$ ./gnome-news

It works! Now we can add a RSS feed with “Add feed” button or use console:

$ /usr/libexec/tracker-miner-rss -a

Some Tracker’s helpful tips:

Reset DB:

$ tracker reset -r

or just remove all messages and channels:

$ tracker sparql -qu "DELETE { ?u a rdfs:Resource } WHERE { ?u a mfo:FeedMessage }"
$ tracker sparql -qu "DELETE { ?u a rdfs:Resource } WHERE { ?u a mfo:FeedChannel }"

Run in debug mode:

$ /usr/libexec/tracker-miner-rss -v 3

Show feeds:

$ tracker search --feeds

In case if you love SQL:

$ tracker sparql -q "SELECT nie:url(?msg) nie:title(?msg) WHERE { ?msg a mfo:FeedMessage }"

We need at least version of Tracker – 1.5.1 with enabled RSS miner.

Read also:
Source code
If you need to chat with developers please join to channel #gnome-news on GIMP Net

  • I like it a lot, but unfortunately …

    I had some errors at my Manjaro, perhaps an AUR gnomenews-git package would help arch users and a deb package debian/ubuntu users.

    ./configure: line 1977: syntax error near unexpected token `git-directory’

    ./configure: line 1977: `AX_IS_RELEASE(git-directory)’

    + exit 1

    • Igor Gnatenko

      you need to have installed autoconf-archive

  • jon_downfromthetrees

    I’m heavy RSS users, with close to 400 feeds currently. Can this handle that many?
    Also need an option to avoid the blocky space-eating phone/tablet interface and go straight to a traditional view: Feed list in left column, item list across the top and item content displayed below that.
    One of the benefits of an effective RSS reader is removing ads/graphics of content displayed in the app, which really enhances readability and speed. RSS apps that default to showing everything are as slow, and as risky, as browsers/.

    • Paul Alberto Rufous

      Why not? Try to use, I don’t see a problem with it.

  • RW

    Guys this app looks pretty cool!
    I have tried to install it but with out success, I missing this packages

    libappstream-glib-devel gobject-introspection-devel pygobject3 glib2-devel

    (and what is dnf command?)

    But I cant find way to install them. I am using latest Ubuntu 15.10.

    Please help, I want to use this app and read feedly.