KDE Expansion on Android Review: KAlgebra, KDE Connect, Marble

Today KDE developers works on Plasma Mobile, but it’s currently in alpha stage and works only on Nexus 5. If you have Android then can use some KDE application right now.



KAlgebra isn’t just another calculator. Application support also 2D plotting, extended math operation and tabulation of popular functions. Good choice for good choice for pupils, students and engineers. Plotting is extra good: you can compare next and previous functions.

KDE Connect



KDE Connect can connect your Android smartphone with KDE-based desktop or laptop (critical depends – KDE Connect desktop client). This very useful application can replace remote console. Core features:

  • touchpad emulation: use smartphone as touchpad panel
  • notification sync – read Android notification on KDE
  • text copy-and-paste between Android and KDE
  • smartphone as multimedia remote console – Amarock is supported
  • file sharing between KDE and your smartphone




Marble is virtual globe and world atlass. Application currently in alpha stage and use OpenStreetMap. At this moment many features isn’t realized. I can use this application for routing in pedestrian, car and bike mode and as OpenStreetMap viewer. I hope that new functions will appear later.


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