LibreOffice Online Review and Test Drive With CODE


Web office – very nice and easy web-application that helps you to create and edit documents only in the web browser. Today in the online offices world we have two leaders – Google Docs and Microsoft Office 365. LibreOffice has success as desktop open source application and now is the time to go into web. Collabora and ownCloud released the CODE – ready-to-go Linux distribution with LibreOffice Online; VirtualBox image is available to download. In CODE the LibreOffice Online and ownCloud has united web-interface.

All part of this product is open source:

  • LibreOffice Online
  • LibreOfficeKit
  • loleaflet – web client
  • ownCloud Rich Documents
  • loolwsd – web services daemon


First, we need to download .bz2 archive and unpack it:

$ wget -c
$ bunzip2 codevm.x86_64-0.9.1.vmdk.bz2

Next step – create VirtualBox virtual machine with >= 512 MB RAM and bridged network:

Run virtual machine and get the ownCloud link:

Open this URL in browser and see the little surprise:

We don’t have access to ownCloud instance and can’t fix it in browser. But small hacks can help us. We need to get root access to our virtual machine and change the configuration file:

// boot VB machine and press 'e' in the grub menu
// add 'init = /bin/bash' in the end of line 'linux /boot/...'
// Press F10 to boot
// Remount root filefystem
# mount / -o remount, rw

// setup root password
# passd

// edit owncloud config
# vi /srv/www/htdocs/owncloud/config/config.php

'trusted_domains' =>
array (

Open again in browser, log in with admin:admin and now it works:

Works with documents

Web version of LibreOffice support the basic format of documents: .odt, .doc(x), .xls(x), .rtf, .ods, .odp, .ppt(x) and many more; import to .pdf is also supported.

General functions of LibreOffice editor:

  • Print file
  • Download as … – file converter
  • Undo/Redo
  • Styles: header, footer, table and others
  • Fonts operations: type, size, bold, italic, …
  • Colors: font and highlight
  • Align
  • Numbering
  • Indent settings
  • Graphics: insert and resize
  • Sum in LibreOffice Calc

In my opinion design has one big problem – all icons and buttons is very big. Yes, working on 30″+ display it’s fine, but the laptop and mobile device users will have a big pain. The other problem – slow. I tested CODE on a virtual machine with 768 MB and 1 GB RAM and need to say that work with big files may be problematic. On the other side – no problem with editing and formatting.
CODE now in alpha stage and need many requires a lot of effort. Perspectives are brilliant – we can have free and open source online office for business, family and education.


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