Life with Wayland – Fedora Rawhide: Real Experience And List of Native/XWayland Applications

Wayland is default in Fedora Rawhide since November. This rolling Linux Distribution with the newest software positioned for developers and advanced users. This article may be helpful for all Wayland users and peoples that interests in Wayland.
Note: this isn’t unstable and always broken distribution: I use it last ~6 months and have an only one serious bug. More details here.


Software that used in this review:

  • GNOME 3.19.2 (some packages from 3.18),
  • Linux kernel 4.4.0-0.rc3
  • GCC 5.2.1
  • libwayland 1.9
  • mesa 11.2
  • GTK+ 3.19.2
  • xorg-x11-drv-intel 2.99.917-18.20151109

Wayland Architecture

Note for KDE users: Plasma works in Wayland mode, but I don’t recommend to use it – check details here.
List of tested applications:



  • Firefox (nightly)
  • GNOME Web (some crash possible)
  • Empathy
  • Evolution
  • Polari
  • Transmisson


  • Chromium



  • Mpv
  • Totem
  • Cheese
  • GNOME Photos
  • Shotwell
  • GNOME Music
  • Rhythmbox


  • Vlc



  • GNOME Builder
  • Glade


  • Emacs
  • Atom



  • LibreOffice (>= 5.0)
  • GNOME Documents
  • Evince


  • GNOME Maps

System Tools & Others


  • GNOME Boxes
  • GNOME Terminal
  • Seahorse
  • GNOME Software
  • GNOME Tweak Tool
  • Gedit
  • System Monitor
  • GNOME Weather


  • GNOME Disks

Known problem

  • phantom blinking in GNOME Terminal
  • problems with resizing window in Chromium – GNOME menu doesn’t work
  • tiling in non-GTK apps – phantom freezes
  • GNOME Screencast tool – periodic crash
  • no restart option available in command prompt (Alt+F2) of GNOME Shell (this is not a problem and users can shutdown the current session with logout)
  • problem with text copy/paste in GMOME 3.18 beetwen Native and XWayland applications


In my opinion Wayland with GNOME is ready for work; GDM and interfaces of other application work really faster – animation, scrolling, resizing, tiling. Few small cosmetics bugs are available, but they don’t have a critical status. If you have other issues with Wayland – please let me known or submit it to GNOME Bugzilla and help developers to detect problems.
This article will be updated in future.

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