Person of The Year 2015 in the Linux/OpenSource Community: Open Voting

Year 2015 ends. Taking time to honor those peoples who work in Linux and Open Source community and don’t have deserved popularity. Maybe you use everyday several products from these peoples – this is your personal chance to say “thank you”.

Note: the first three winners will receive personal congratulations and “Happy New Year”. If you need to add something: notes, wishes or congratulations – feel free to write in comments or send private email to “tlhp at”.

Who is the best in 2015, in your opinion?

  • Richard Stallman (GNU) (24%, 2,031 Votes)
  • Patrick Volkerding (Slackware Founder and Leader) (21%, 1,839 Votes)
  • Lennart Poettering (systemd, Pulse Audio, Avahi) (21%, 1,785 Votes)
  • Sarah Sharp (ex Linux kernel: USB3 & xHCI support) (8%, 708 Votes)
  • Matthew Garrett (programmer, and free software activist) (6%, 510 Votes)
  • Gabe Newell (Steam, many games has ported to Linux) (5%, 407 Votes)
  • Linus Torvalds (Linux kernel, git) (5%, 401 Votes)
  • Theo de Raadt (OpenBSD Leader) (2%, 176 Votes)
  • Fabrice Bellard (ffmpeg, qemu) (2%, 158 Votes)
  • Clement Lefebvre (Linux Mint Founder and Leader) (1%, 112 Votes)
  • Greg Kroah-Hartman (Linux kernel) (1%, 95 Votes)
  • Eric Hameleers (Slackware developer, "Alien BOB") (1%, 90 Votes)
  • Matthew Miller (Fedora Project Leader) (1%, 89 Votes)
  • Sébastien Jodogne (The Orthanc project, Reglue are Free Software Award winners) (1%, 76 Votes)
  • Mark Shuttleworth (Ubuntu Leader) (1%, 71 Votes)
  • Chris Mason (Btrfs) (0%, 27 Votes)
  • Ryan C. Gordon (ported many games to Linux) (0%, 4 Votes)

Total Voters: 8,559

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Have troubles – try this link for voting.

You also can add your forgotten hero in comments. Previous voting – Man of The Year 2014

End of voting: 01.01.2016 00:01 UTC.

Please vote and share.

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  • Thank you for doing this to honour the great people who drive innovation in FLOSS, and so makes the world a better place! But seeing as it is 2015 I think it is about high time you start calling this “Person of the year”.

    All the best! 🙂

    • Paul Alberto Rufous

      Fixed, thanks for the positive comment.

  • Ivan Veliky Rurikovich

    If Sarah wins, send my personal regards:

    Thank you for being BTFO’ed by Linus. Your feminist shit isn’t needed inside the LKML.

    • Paul Alberto Rufous

      OK, as you wish.

  • neeraj kumar

    Shuttleworth in 2015 is not even nominationworthy.

  • Dust2Player

    Can I vote for nobody?

  • Janis Ciemgals

    where is
    Patrick Volkerding
    Eric Hameleers (Alien BOB )

    please add it for voting

    • Paul Alberto Rufous

      Patrick Volkerding added, thanks.

      > Eric Hameleers (Alien BOB )

      One candidate from Slackware project is enough.

      • Janis Ciemgals

        you joking? It is SlackWare! Yet, you can remove Pottering, who try to destroy Linux as ideology, and also Sara, who likes not understand humor and free communication style 😉

        • Ivan Veliky Rurikovich

          “Linux as ideology”? What ideology? UNIX philosophy? If anything Linus doesn’t adhere to the UNIX philosophy, he didn’t give a shit about it.

      • ksandre

        I disagree.

        Eric Hameleers should be added to the candidate list. (Or should share the entry line with Patrick.)

        • Paul Alberto Rufous


          • Janis Ciemgals

            Please change entry Eric Hameleers (Slackware developer)

            to Eric Hameleers (Slackware developer, Alien BOB )
            because many know His only as Alien Bob…

          • Paul Alberto Rufous


  • Rhiji

    You even consider Sarah Sharp? Who behaved like a complete idiot in the mailing list and then rage-quited? That’s tolerant!

    Also censors comments on her own website just because she feels like it. Quote: “fart fart fart fart [sic]” (sic!)

    • Paul Alberto Rufous

      “Talk is cheap. Show me the code.” © Linus

    • Mr S

      Agreed. It was out outrageous that a “20-something” member of the linux community demanded everyone change to accommodate her comfort level. Did Sarah Sharp ever try to pull this type of stunt with the executive board of Intel? You bet she didn’t – she’d be out on her ass. But with the ego rush from the “Intel Engineer” title she had – she decided to “educate” the Linux Project with condescension

  • Ton Rosendaal

  • Yar Kirillov
  • Kiki Novak

    Lennart Poettering? Sarah Sharp? For what it’s worth, let’s add Donald Trump and Justin Bieber to the list.

  • Farad Uw
  • Kiki Novak

    Yesterday, Patrick Volkerding had 910 votes. Today, he’s got 858 left, which means he lost 52 votes over night. Did Lennart Poettering write your website’s poll code?

    • Paul Alberto Rufous

      Fixed, some cheating was deleted.

  • SR

    Why is Gabe Newell on the list? If we should thank anyone for porting games to Linux it should be Ryan C. Gordon (icculus). He was porting games to Linux long before Steam started supporting it. He helped porting most of the games published by Humble Bundle. And he also maintain such critical pieces of software as SDL2. So I think Ryan should be on the list instead of Gabe.

    • Paul Alberto Rufous

      Cause simple logic: more Steam Linux games -> grow Linux popularity -> more users choose Linux. Ryan C. Gordon is added to list, thanks.

  • Cory Hilliard

    OK, so here’s the way I would vote this. Yeah, Linux is awesome, but the real huge contribution that Linus Torvalds gave to 2015 is GIT. How many thousands of projects adopted git in 2015? Google Code even told everyone to move to github. Richard Stallman’s great contribution to 2015 isn’t GNU, it’s the GPL. Without the GPL none of this would even be happening. Clement Lefebvre’s contribution for Cinnamon is amazing and it allows me to use my laptop in a sane and pleasurable way. Mark Shuttleworth’s contributions to open source were small to begin with… even smaller in 2015.

  • Ivan Veliky Rurikovich

    Because it’s almost likely that RMS will win the first place. I dare the author of this vote to send regards and thank him for creating LINUX, and for his contributions to OPEN-SOURCE community. Don’t mention free software or GNU or GPL. Post his reply.

  • Kiki Novak

    Patrick Volkerding deserves to be on top of the list. One of the happy few who refuse to be hijacked by Lennart Poettering’s systemd nonsense.

  • Adam01time

    We all need some Slack and the conspiracy that keeps the slack from going out to all has never been proved. You all could be one
    SubGenuis from the world of slack. It has to be the sex and money right?

  • Adam Time

    It amazes me to see Pat doing so good. A while back he made slackware his full time job. How many people can contribute so much.
    No big budget health care. Just a old church turned in to a home. Well one thing is for sure if you have to use what you work with and you work at home you better have a good product. And he does.
    And the stable KISS method always works.

  • Adam Time

    Some said the other day is Slackware still around. I said yes there is a few mirrors out there. Well hats of to the Slack Master and Richard and all that made the list is a huge honor .

  • +Patrick Volkerding