Linux and Open Source Propaganda in “Mr. Robot” TV Show

I’m not a big TV fan, but TV Show “Mr. Robot” attracted me. Hackers in TV and films be often stupid or pumped full guys without minimal Computer Science education. Elliot Alderson in “Mr.Robot” isn’t like it and don’t hack atomic power station with fast writing. The “Hacker” person and hackers subculture is really great in this TV Show. Another nice thing – Linux is often guest in “Mr. Robot”. Really! Numbers of running Windows computers is very small. You can hate TV, but the big free advertising for millions people over the world – it’s great!


“So I See you’re runing GNOME”


“You know, I’m actually on KDE myself”


“Why am I running Linux?”


Eliott use Kali Linux with GNOME Environment


Eliott’s Home


Running DVD-Burner on Linux


AllSafe working place


You need to steal car? Linux can help you! Joke 😉


Card programming with Linux


Wifi cracking with Kali Linux


Terminal and openssh


Connection over bluetooth


Konsole – KDE Terminal Emulator on Tyrell Wellick Desktop

More screens you can see in this video. Happy hacking, be free and use Linux!


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  • Timmy

    This isn’t propaganda. You’re such an idiot.

    • FixerZ

      You should watch the series to know what he meant.😒

      • Paul Alberto Rufous