NayuOS Review – Free & Open Source Alternative To Chrome OS With Node.js And Without Google Services

Note: NayuOS have the same design as Chrome OS and many differences under the hood.


NayuOS – free and open source operating system and fork of Chrome OS without proprietary software like Adobe Flash, multimedia codecs and Google services. “Nayu” is a Chinese word that means “open the Universe”. If you are interested in Chrome OS – please check this review.

So, why this OS can be interested?

  • Googe services was deleted – good news for privacy nerds
  • one-click IPv6 tunnel via GrandeNet service – some applications work better with v6
  • better security with sandboxes – application run without access to all file-system
  • ideal to learn Web with Python, Node.js and other preinstalled tools
  • installation images adapted for most popular chromebooks

Looks interested, right? Time to see what is under the hood.

Tech details

NayuOS was created from chromebooks, but also good work on my laptop with Intel-based chipset. Important detail: SSH-deamon that run by default in Chrome OS was stopped, this is very good for security. Really, I don’t know why Google developers was enable it by default in sub-laptop devices.

Very strange for popular operating system decision – connect to IPv6-based re6st mesh network. The biggest benefits is stable connection and better routing. Why IPv6 is better than v4 you can read in this article.

Some software is preinstalled specially for developers: Python, Node.js, tcpdump, ssh. It’s good, but in my opinion, Linux looks better in development machine.

Security looks great: every booting step is verified with cryptographic signature; the public key stored in read-only partition and used for OS verification. The root partition is mounted read-only and some processes run in isolated containers. Chromium browser always starts in guest mode.

You can see in screenshot that NayuOS don’t use classical X-server for graphics ’cause Chrome OS was switched to Freon graphics stack.


Download image from here, insert the USB Flash device and run in terminal:

// detect your USB Flash
$ lsblk -f
# zcat your_board.nayuos.img.gz | sudo dd of=/dev/my_usb_flash; sync

Boot from USB Flash, open Chromium browser and press ‘Ctrl+Shift+T’. In terminal:

// open traditional terminal emulator
$ shell

// get the superuser permissions
$ sudo -i

// installation
# /usr/sbin/chromeos-install

Finish, nothing complicated even for housewives (in the “absolute beginners” context). Windows users can write image with UNetbootin.


NayuOS is the “gecky” Chome OS with many interested features. It most be interested for geeks, developers, open source lovers and others tech people. Cheap chromebooks ideal for education and very useful in poor countries. Web-development with preinstalled Python and Node.js is more easy than in Chrome OS. NayuOS do not have a package manager and this fact maybe can be the problem if native Linux applications are needed; maybe Linuxbrew can help. If you use a chromebook or a slow notebook/netbook – I recommend to try NayuOS and hope this post can help. Be secure and use open source software.

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