Red Flag inWise 8.0 – Linux Distro from China

Red Flag Linux is a defunct Chinese Linux distribution developed by Red Flag Software. The distribution logo is Tux carrying a prominent red flag.
Red Flag Linux had the special products:

  • Red Flag Asianux Server 3
  • Red Flag HA Cluster 6.0
  • Red Flag Desktop 8.0

RF Linux based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux & Fedora Linux and use RPM package management. Latest version also use KDE 4 as Desktop Environtment.
First version of Red Flag Linux was released in 1999 and created by the Institute of Software Research at the Chinese Academy of Sciences. China’s government support RFL along his way.

Red Flag Linux Desktop has seen its system core layer up to its function modules greatly optimized and improved, substantially improving system performance. Be it work, entertainment or rest, the system responds more quickly and efficiently, not only saving time but also increasing efficiency unprecedentedly. In addition to rapid system response and good performance, the installation and deployment can save you lots of time too, regardless of CD-ROM, hard disk or network, providing you with all conveniences and making system network deployment no more trouble for you.


Linux Kernel 3.6.11
systemd 196
glibc 2.17
gcc 4.7.2
bash 4.2
python 3.3.0
mesa 9.0.1
Qt 4.8.4
KDE 4.10
vim 7.3

Red Flag 6 Screenshot:

Red Flag 4 Screenshos:

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