The Review of Wayland Progress In 2016 – Part 2: Multimedia, Web, Games, Office, Programming Tools


In Part 1 (recommend to read) of this review, we talk about Wayland and most popular Desktop Environment. This part is dedicated to work with the popular Linux applications. Software that was used in this review: Fedora Rawhide with GNOME 3.20 Beta, Wayland 1.10; Rebecca Black OS with the latest Weston Shell and KDE Plasma.

Some applications work natively with Wayland, some can be run only with XWayland. The XWayland applications must be slower ’cause Wayland compositor can’t work directly with X client and need the X server as a broker: Weston Compositor <-> X server <-> X client. The ‘slower’ sentence doesn’t mean “not ready for work”, in most cases the XWayland applications have enough performance for comfortable work. Some applications also have other problems not related to performance.

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Best Free Racing Games for Linux and PC Review


Stunt Rally – free dynamic racing game with rally style of driving, mostly on gravel. It features a rich variety of 167 tracks in 34 sceneries also on other planets – a lot of for racing game. Track difficulty ranges from short and easy to very difficult stunt tracks including jumps, skewed loops, pipes winding in 3D, obstacles or all at once. There are 19 cars to choose, 3 hovering spaceships (yes, you can fly) and 1 bouncing sphere. The latter provide a fast and easier gameplay on flat tracks.

Download for Windows and Linux


Speed Dreamsis a 3d cross-platform, open source motorsport simulation and racing game and fork of the open racing car simulator Torcs, aiming to implement exciting new features, cars, tracks and AI opponents to make a more enjoyable game for the player, as well as constantly improving visual and physics realism. Speed Dreams support a variety of input devices: keyboards, mouses, joypads, joysticks, racing wheels and pedals.

Download for Windows and Linux


SuperTuxKart is a free 3D kart racing game; we want to make the game fun more than we want to make it realistic. You can play with up to 4 friends on one PC, racing against each other or just try to beat the computer (a network multiplayer feature is planned).
See the great lighthouse or drive through the sand and visit the pyramids. Race underground or in space, watching the stars passing by. Have some rest under the palms on the beach (watching the other karts overtaking you 🙂 ). But don’t eat the bananas! Watch for bowling balls, plungers, bubble gum and cakes thrown by opponents.

Download for Windows, OS X Linux

TORCS (The Open Racing Car Simulator) is an open source 3D car racing simulator available for Linux, FreeBSD, Mac OS X, AmigaOS 4, AROS, MorphOS and Microsoft Windows. TORCS include the 42 different car models, 30 racing tracks and 6 racing types. TORCS support a single player mode and several racing modes: Quick Race, Non-Championship Race, Endurance Race, Championship, Challenge Race and Practice.

Download for Windows, OS X Linux

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TLHP #21 “Исповедь грешников” Part 1

Мы решили расширить круг участников и пригласили сообщество LOR( Послушайте что из этого получилось.
Hosts: Paul Carroty, Doctor Sinus, Ivan Shapovalov, CYBER and others.

Chat: screens, owncloud

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