The Review of Wayland Progress In 2016 – Part 2: Multimedia, Web, Games, Office, Programming Tools


In Part 1 (recommend to read) of this review, we talk about Wayland and most popular Desktop Environment. This part is dedicated to work with the popular Linux applications. Software that was used in this review: Fedora Rawhide with GNOME 3.20 Beta, Wayland 1.10; Rebecca Black OS with the latest Weston Shell and KDE Plasma.

Some applications work natively with Wayland, some can be run only with XWayland. The XWayland applications must be slower ’cause Wayland compositor can’t work directly with X client and need the X server as a broker: Weston Compositor <-> X server <-> X client. The ‘slower’ sentence doesn’t mean “not ready for work”, in most cases the XWayland applications have enough performance for comfortable work. Some applications also have other problems not related to performance.

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LibreOffice Online Review and Test Drive With CODE


Web office – very nice and easy web-application that helps you to create and edit documents only in the web browser. Today in the online offices world we have two leaders – Google Docs and Microsoft Office 365. LibreOffice has success as desktop open source application and now is the time to go into web. Collabora and ownCloud released the CODE – ready-to-go Linux distribution with LibreOffice Online; VirtualBox image is available to download. In CODE the LibreOffice Online and ownCloud has united web-interface.

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Five Years of LibreOffice Evolution (2010-2015)

LibreOffice – amazing free and open source office suite from The Document Foundation. LO was forked from in September 28, 2010 and OOo is an open-source version of the earlier StarOffice. The LibreOffice support word processing, the creation and editing of spreadsheets, slideshows, diagrams and drawings, databases, mathematical formulae.

Core applications:

  • Writer – word processor
  • Calc – spreadsheet app, similar to Excel
  • Impress – application for presentations, support Microsoft PowerPoint’s format
  • Draw – vector graphics editor
  • Math – special application for writing and editing mathematical formulae
  • Base – database management

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TLHP #17: гомосексуализм, Yandex Browser и консоль в userspace