Nova OS 4.0 Action – Cuban National OS (Linux)

Nova is a Cuban Linux Distro launched in February 2009, sponsored by government and developed by the University of Computer Sciences in Havana, Cuba. As said Director of UC: “[t]he free software movement is closer to the ideology of the Cuban people, above all for the independence and sovereignty.”

Desktop Environment — GNOME 3.4. Nova based on Ubuntu 12.04(version >2.1) and also use Wine to run Windows Application (Notes). In the begin of development OS was based on Gentoo Linux and Sabayon. It’s very easy and user-friendly distribution. Nova have the three editions: “Escritorio” (desktop version with GNOME), “Ligero” (lightweight desktop — “Guano”) and “Servidor”(server edition). You can download Nova here. Official website – .
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