SCaLE 14x

The Best Of SCaLE 14x – People Who Make Linux And Open Source: Mark Shuttleworth, Matthew Garret, Sarah Sharp And Many Others

SCaLE 14x (Southern California Linux Expo) – the 14th Linux, Open Source and Free Software conference based in Los Angeles, California. This volunteer-based event has existed since 2002 and begin their history from local Linux Users Groups. In this conference you can see the Linux and Open Source projects like Debian, Gentoo, Fedora, KDE, GNOME, OpenStreetMap, NetBSD and FreeBSD, MySQL, PostgreSQL; organization – Electronic Frontier Foundation, The Document Foundation, Freedom Law Center; commercial companies – IBM, HP, Google, Red Hat, Facebook and many others – this is not a complete list. In this article I want to gather the best interview, performances and presentations. Traditional note for this resource – if I missed something or you see a mistake – feel free to write in comments.



  • Cory Doctorow’s Keynote

Why open source and free technologies is phenomenal.

  • Fantastic Open Source performance from Matthew Garret

  • Sarah Sharp – Diversity In Open Source

Legendary person in Linux Kernel developments talks about sexism, women, LGBT, and homophobia in open source.

  • Mark Shuttleworth talks about new Ubuntu release, Snappy, Juju and modern software

  • 14 year old Linux geek and programmer Keila Banks

Linux and Open Source in teenagers culture.

  • Fedora Project Stream (day 2, day 1) – a lot of interviews with peoples from open source projects. Fedora people also talk about their work.
  • Scaling GlusterFS @ Facebook

How this distributed file-system work in Facebook.

  • LibreOffice Volunteer Robinson Tryon about future and competition with Microsoft Office

  • Bill DeFoi was recorded the series with short interviews: Microsoft, Beach Body, The Hybrid Group,, Moog Soft, Data Robot, Media Temple, PC BSD, Summo Logic, The Rubicon Project, Open Suse, Kodi, Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

  • Mark Shuttleworth: Open Source in the World of App Stores

How to Linux can live in App Stores world

  • A brief introduction to Dart

Randal Schwartz about modern language with multithreading, command-line scripting capability, browser and server side deploying and many interested features.

  • Data Lifecycles at Massive Scale Using Python

Deploying with Python in Flipboard infrastructure.

  • Becoming a Web Developer: The Web Way from Start to Finish

Josh Simmons from O’Reilly Media tell how to be a webdev, and which web technologies is good today.

  • Essential Linux Security by Justin Mayer

Shellshock, Heartbleed, POODLE and other popular vulnerabilities, TLS certificates, unattended upgrades and many more.

  • Anatomy of the Command Line

Linux console – how it works under the hood with examples by Der Hans.

  • Yes, the FCC Might Ban Your Operating System

How FCC can break your wireless freedom by Eric Schultz

  • One-Click-Deployment of a Cloud Application Using Ansible

Rami Al-Ghanmi talk about the Ansible magic.

  • Intro to Music Making with GNU/Linux

Big review of the best open source applications for music.

  • I’m not good enough to give this talk: Impostor syndrome and you.

Fear – why it matter and how it destroy your life.

  • Rust: Systems Programming for Web Developers

Introduction to Rust by Herman Radtke.

  • Open Source Robotics Using Cylon.js, Intel Edison, & Sphero

How to build the robots with open source technologies – lecture by Ron Evans.

  • Intro to Krita: Digital Painting

Master class by Perry Rivera.

  • Docker, Kubernetes, and Mesos: Compared.

The popular container systems comparison by Adrian Otto.


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  • Al Mendoza

    Been watching the progress. After 30 yrs the opensource message is now getting some traction. With low cost machines and really good software maybe it will now finally be time time for real personal computing.

    • Paul Alberto Rufous

      Cheap hardware don’t matter today and last 15 years. Idea, philosophy and desire – without it we can’t do anything.